We started Green Sahara Furniture with the belief that you can have unique, handmade furniture with a great story of sustainability. Our original designs fuse function with art. We celebrate the human touch that crafts a piece of furniture. We strive to use materials sustainably, we work alongside others in planting trees for the future, and we work fairly with our employees and other artisans in Morocco.

At Green Sahara Furniture, we want to make the world a better place to work and live by crafting well-designed, high-quality home furnishings in a sustainable way. We invite you to take part in our story.


David Bult - designing and building custom furniture since:

 I had the chance to see David’s furniture-making shop and to learn more about his vision of making stunning pieces from trees that died naturally, rather than cut down. We only hope that the demand for these items will sky-rocket, which will preserve Morocco’s forests. David is a genuine example of an entrepreneur that creates well-paying jobs while preserving our environment. HAF’s community projects achieve the same win-win scenarios.  

Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir
President - High Atlas Foundation.