Eve Branson Foundation and Virgin Unite

Green Sahara Furniture is the business training partner at the Eve Branson Foundation Tansghart Woodwork Centre, a part of Virgin Unite. Since 2015, a number of Berber young men in the High Atlas Mountains south of Marrakech have been trained in basic and intermediate woodworking skills. Our goal together is to train Moroccan young men from the Asni region with woodworking and other artisanal skills allowing them to improve their education and better support themselves and their families.



Carving the way to a better future

Developed by the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) in partnership with Green Sahara Furniture, the woodwork centre offers a carpentry apprenticeship scheme – in fact the scheme has already welcomed eight young trainees from the local community who had recently left or dropped out of school.

Eve Branson: gallivanting ducks

ow while some of you may have come across pictures of these little Virgin ducks gallivanting around the world on social media, I’ll let Richard explain further – it’s a jolly fun competition.

The magic of Morocco

During my various adventures, I faced almost certain death on a number of occasions. It was an incredibly harrowing time for my family. Alongside Joan, Holly and Sam, my parents were always there with me – as I set off, keeping me up-to-date by radio, and welcoming me home with open arms and tired smiles.

Three continents - one day!

I am fortunate to get to visit lots of wonderful places and meet with many fascinating people, crisscrossing the globe for business and charity fundraising events.Every now and then, this is taken to the extreme – last week was one such occasion.

Ideas are like rabbits

Our logic was fine, but we hadn’t thought through the downside. While our budgerigars bred faster than we could sell them, we hadn’t counted on another animal

Grand openings in Morocco

After an incredible couple of weeks in Italy, watching my family complete the Virgin Strive Challenge, I flew to Marrakech with Richard for the grand openings of the Eve Branson Foundation Tansghart Woodwork Centre and Tamgounssi Weaving Centre.

10 years of the Eve Branson Foundation

Lots of brilliant things have happened over the past 10 years and we’re incredibly proud to support and celebrate the Eve Branson Foundation and its 10 year achievement. To mark this anniversary we wanted to share a selection of stunning photos and a short video that will hopefully give an idea of what Eve and the team have been up to over the last decade:

The adventures of the Eve Branson Foundation

Eve Branson is a woman bursting with entrepreneurial spirit, unfaltering determination and a great sense of humour. In 2005, she founded the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) in Morocco, with the goal of introducing and growing income-producing projects for the local community.

5 lessons I learned from my Mum

My mother has always had an incredible energy. As a young woman she disguised herself as a boy to be accepted as a glider pilot, and served in the Women's Royal Naval Service during World War II. When the War was over she toured Germany as a ballet dancer, and later became an air hostess, at a time when air travel was considered very daring and exotic.

The magic of Climb Morocco

Of the 46 challenges Virgin Atlantic pilot, Chris Hall, has organised over the past few years, this was recorded as one of the toughest – a three-day winter climb, tackling altitude sickness, extreme cold and requiring its adventurers to master crampons and ice axes.